I worked with Katy on developing an innovative higher education student e-mentoring program which is one of our peace projects in Afghanistan. In this regard, Katy has been very generous with her time and energy in sharing her in depth expertise on student mentoring. With her tireless efforts, we now have an effective, one-of-a-kind, international higher education mentoring program for the benefit of Afghan university students. I could write at length about Katy’s qualifications, but let me summarize only a few of my reasons for recommending her. First, she embodies cool intelligence with warm emotions. Second, she is scholarly and yet a lady of action. Third, she embodies high ethical and moral values along with good judgment and pragmatism. In essence, Katy is a person you can talk to and argue with, but she is still a lady!!

Erasing Borders

Katy’s work as the process architect for mentoring in the TechWomen program was one of the cornerstone pieces of this outstanding program. She brought her considerable experience, deep skill and sincere passion to the project, inspiring all of us to be the best possible mentors to the women in the program. I would not hesitate to work with Katy again.

TechWomen Mentoring Program