Key Publications and Best Practices

Key Publications:

  • Katy Dickinson, Jessica Dickinson Goodman, and Eileen Brewer created TechWomen Emerging Leaders poster and playing cards to honor 54 TechWomen Alumnae Emerging Leaders from 16 countries in Africa and the Middle East. (December 2014). Now available for sale on Notable Women in Tech Cards.
  • Katy Dickinson with the Everwise team created “Mentoring in a Box” best practices and structure for small mentoring programs (November 2014):
      1. Mentoring in a Box: Read Me First (PDF)
      2. Everwise Partnership Kickoff Guide (PDF)
      3. Everwise Getting Started Guide (PDF)
      4. Metrics Tracking Spreadsheet Template (Must Be Copied to Use)
      5. Mentoring in a Box – Mentoring Program Manager – Resources (folder)
        • 5.1 Mentoring Program Manager – Overview and Contents (PDF)
        • 5.2 Mentoring Program Manager – Basic Guidance (PDF)
        • 5.3 Mentoring Program Manager – Templates and Samples – Letters and Emails (Must Be Copied to Use)
        • 5.4 Template: Kickoff Call Agenda, Presentation Contents (Must Be Copied to Use)
        • 5.5 Everwise Mentoring in a Box, Sample Spreadsheet: Protege Roster (Must Be Copied to Use)
        • 5.6 Template: Pilot Program Candidate Selection (Must Be Copied to Use)
        • 5.7 Sample Pilot Results Report (PDF)
      6. Everwise: Mentor Recruitment (PDF)
      7. Expert Mentoring Advice: Best Practices / Worst Practices (PDF)
      8. Everwise: Mentoring vs. Coaching vs. Sponsorship (PDF)
  • Katy Dickinson, Professor of the Practice, Susan Rodger (Duke University – Computer Science), and Jessica Dickinson Goodman: “Notable Women in Computing” Grace Hopper Conference poster and playing cards, and associated Kickstarter crowd funding project (October-November 2014). Now available for sale on Notable Women in Tech Cards.
  • Dickinson, Katy, “Leveraging Technology to Create a Mentoring Program in a Global Diaspora Context” People to People Conference Poster (September 2014).
  • Dickinson, Katy, and Ian Gover, “Why Emerging Leaders Need Mentors Webinar”, 9 September 2014
  • Goodwin, Shanarae, “An Interview with Katy Dickinson, Everwise Vice President of Mentoring” 15 July 2014
  • Dickinson, Katy, Ravishankar Gundlapalli. “Professional Mentoring – Fostering Triangular Partnership” Chapter in Triangular Partnership: the Power of the Diaspora book by Enawgaw Mehari MD, Kinfe Gebeyehu MD, Katy Dickinson and Matt Watts (People to People: 2013).
  • Dickinson, Katy. Sharing the Hopper Conference article for “Anita’s Quilt – Threads of Inspiration” blog (November 15, 2012).
  • Dickinson, Katy and ABI Advisory Board, “Famous Women in Computer Science” web resource of the Anita Borg Institute (8 March 2012).
  • Gammal, Denise, Katy Dickinson “Mentor Guide” TechWomen 2011 Program – Anita Borg Institute and Institute of International Education – training, resources, and reference materials for mentors and mentees for the TechWomen U.S. State Department mentoring program for women in the Middle East and North Africa (May 2011).
  • Dickinson, Katy and ABI Advisory Board, “Award Winning Career Timelines in Computer Science and Engineering” web resource of the Anita Borg Institute (13 September 2010).
  • Dickinson, Katy, Tanya Jankot and Helen Gracon. Sun Laboratories Technical Report “Sun Mentoring: 1996-2009″, TR-2009-185, August 2009. Also available free from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): ACM Digital Library
  • Dickinson, Katy, Susan Rodger. “Notable Women in Computing” – Ongoing project sponsored by the Anita Borg Institute and the Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (started in 2009).
  • Dickinson, Katy. Katysblog – Almost 1,500 web log (blog) entries about mentoring, process architecture, Shakespeare, travel, technology, trains, church, books, gardening, pets, writing, and family, at least weekly since 2005. (June 2005 to January 2010 on and after that on Katysblog is honored to publish directly to almost 1,000 subscribed readers.
  • Dickinson, Katy. “SEED: Sun Engineering Enrichment & Development” Research Disclosure: May 17, 2004 – Research Disclosure Database Number 482013, defensive publication of mentoring program process flows and description.
  • Dickinson, Katherine V.G., Jos Marlowe, James GoslingMethod and apparatus for automatically archiving and clearing intellectual property” US Patent Application 20030055848 (20 March 2003) – about Sun Laboratories Archivist system.
  • Gandel, Deborah E., Katherine V.G. Dickinson, et alia, “Method and apparatus for implementing electronic software distribution” US Patent 6,167,568 (26 December 2000). Referenced by 43 later patents.


Best Practices – From Katysblog:

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